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Greeter's Scheduling Registration


Guests and relatives continue to attend our worship services here at Christ Our Savior Lutheran and comment about how friendly our congregation is and how welcome they feel.  The first impression that we present as people walk into our church is vitally important to our outreach ministry.

Because of this, greeters are an important ministry of COS.  They help to make our guest feel welcome and provide a positive first impression for our congregation. Scheduling for greeters for is now underway. In order to schedule greeters for every service that we hold, on Sunday mornings and special services, many people are needed to serve in this capacity. If you are willing to serve in this capacity, please fill out the form below.

Please sign up below to join our greeter team or by contacting Phyllis Nader (schedules for 8:30 am service) at 734-525-7160 or Sandy Keil (schedules for 11 service) 248-474-5728

THANK YOU for  your welcoming ministry and serving in this capacity


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